Something big is in the works. :)

20140803_152020 (3)Really excited about new developments here. Almost done with the EP at last and really pleased with the results. Heading to Belgium again in September for 3 weeks, should be able to wrap up the final stages of the recording process by the end of October. Want to get it finalized and mastered, ready for release by December 1st.

More good stuff coming in the new year.

What is it with some of us?

downloadFull disclosure, I include myself in this group. Guilty as charged.

I was struck today by a woman’s response to my paying her a compliment and specifically mentioning a piece of clothing she was wearing and how nice she looked in it.

Instead of just saying “thank you so much!” she went on to tell me just how much the piece of clothing cost her and where she bought it. I just met her, mind you. Now, I don’t have an issue with folks of any gender shopping anywhere, yet it hit me that some of us go on to over share the thriftiness of our purchases. One does not usually hear people sharing how much an expensive item set them back. People seem to share only if it cost something like $5 and it looks like $400. I mean, what is up with that? By the way, I do it myself. Is this some form of reverse snobbery? A subtle put down of themselves? I mean, why say this at all? I don’t generally hear men doing this and not in the same way as women seem to share the information, (unless you’re Mackelmore). They’re more like…”Hey, check out how cool this is, I got it for nothing.” Wait, I don’t even hear that from guys. For us ladies though it’s like a brag cloaked in self-effacement. It’s confusing. It can also come across as conspiratorial or serve as a bonding moment between absolute strangers. I find it fascinating, but then, I tend to be easily amused.

There you have it. Spew for the day.

By the way, I love thrift stores.  Just sayin’.

KK out.

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“How long is it?” “I think that’s a rather personal question, sir!”

Well, hello there, and welcome back.

Yes, those of you who are Monty Python fans will surely recognize that quote. One of my very favorite skits of theirs, Still No Sign of Land.

How long is it?

I think that’s a rather personal question, sir!
No, you git. I mean how long have we been in the lifeboat?

Anyway, now that I have your attention and you have some idea of my sense of humor, let me just say that it’s high time to let loose and giggle. I mean really, let it all out, we’re not getting any younger here and you might as well enjoy yourselves.

Right.  That’s it.


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I’m Struggling…Do You? (warning…this is a vent)

Do you often wonder how much sharing is too much these days? How often do you read someone’s blog and ask yourself, “was that really necessary”?

I’m struggling with content and read many blogs and articles on social media and the values of posting and sharing. However, when I think about what I want to say about some issue or a story I would like to highlight, I catch myself editing my thoughts and wondering if I’m giving too much away…so I don’t post.

There. I’ve admitted it. I don’t post much out of fear of posting too much. Yikes. In this day of instant gratification, verbal and visual diarrhea, where anyone can have their say about anything their little heart desires right out there on the internet for everyone to access, I’m holding back. It begs the question, why?

  • a sense of personal space?
  • a feeling of who cares?
  • a fear of exposing my self?
  • a tendency to over think things?
  • all of the above and more?


As a singer and songwriter, I value words, true. Yet, now more than ever I must venture forth and use them to market my most prized creations. The job of a DIY artist today involves so much more than just creation. It involves planning, scheduling, financing, recording, marketing, social media and all the minutia involved under those hats. All with a day job, by the way.  It’s all a bit too much. So, I fall behind.

It’s true that I could calendar things in to do on a regular basis and churn out work, however, I’m still working on that (insert laughter here). Oh, I also need to be making videos for Youtube, along with the blog posts, tweets, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook interactions. It’s a good thing I’ve got a back log of songs right now, I’ve got little time to write new ones (although they do keep coming, the Muse never sleeps, I thank the universe for that).

Anyway, I just finished a course with a music business mentor who has given me such a great game plan for doing it all…I’m just struggling to incorporate it into my life and make it a functional and effective routine. So, there you have it.  My vent.

There are so many ways for me to avoid sharing anything here. I think I’m finally going to say “to hell with it” and stop worrying so much about it and just start spewing. What I consider spewing could be just normal output for someone else…let’s see what happens. Hey, you never know, I might like it. You might like it.

Thanks for letting me vent. What are your thoughts on the subject of over sharing on the internet? Let me know.


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Tankus the Henge – Cakewalk

Kerry Kelley:

Very cool stuff.

Originally posted on The RingMaster Review:

Tankus the Henge pic

If you are looking for a joyful and infectious party to romp through the summer with then UK band Tankus the Henge have the perfect soundtrack to match the revelry in their new single Cakewalk. The song is a teasing escapade through numerous flavours and mischievous sounds which wherever you hide your emotions it will find and ignite them into a stomp of contagious devilment.

Described as six sharped dressed and bedraggled gentlemen hailing from some of the more eccentric parts of London Town, Tankus the Henge since finalising their current line-up in 2011 has been on a whirlwind of live performances and the creation of their self –titled debut album from which Cakewalk steps forth. Brewing up a storm across the UK, Europe and into the likes of America, Albania, and the Isle of Wight, the London based sextet has created a carnival of sound and energy which…

View original 255 more words


There are some days I feel I need a mask to face the world. Other days I find I’m open to it all, emotionally naked and fully brave.

I question why I have to take such protective measures when there is nothing really to lose except my fears. Image

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Life is Now.

Would you rather look back on your life’s decisions and be happy you took chances or would you rather play it safe and end up with regrets? Life is short. Live it now.Image

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